40 Gifts for Teens – National Today

40 Gifts for Teens – National Today

Do you remember when you were 15? What were you and your friends like?  Most likely a pallet of people each with their distinctive characters, natures and pursuing their interests – whatever they might be.

And because you’ve once been there, you know that the teenager in your life doesn’t want to be seen as “just a kid”, they want to be acknowledged and respected and most of all, appreciated. 

One way to appreciate your favorite teen is by getting them gifts. And this is where the hard work comes in; you can’t afford to buy the wrong gifts and get the “uncool adult” award. You need to buy the coolest gifts that they won’t roll their eyes at. 

To help you get the best adult award, we’ve curated dozens of gifts that can be considered “cool” to your Gen-Z recipient. This list caters for teen boys and girls whether they’re into tech gadgets, games, beauty, sports, social media trends or even sleeping.


Our Top 3 Picks


Air Force-1
It’s beautiful, fits all and goes with any outfit.

Buy it!

Also Great

Elago Charging Hub
It’s very useful and you don’t have to break the bank.

Buy it!

Good on a Budget

Humorous Christmas Survival Kit
It’s a humorous gift and it’s cost-effective.

Buy it!



Christmas Gifts for Teens

Humorous Christmas Survival Kit

Make your teen laugh this Christmas with Christmas complete in a can. Each can is loaded with cute souvenirs that will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. Wrapped as a Christmas Pudding, it comes with a cute red card which describes the witty sentiment behind the items included.


Get it from Etsy


AuKing Mini Projector

It’s the Christmas season and best belief, your teen will crave some special time out with friends. Help them share glad tidings with friends with this movie projector; they can have epic movie nights and watch the latest Christmas movie or their all-time fave on Christmas evening.


Get it from Amazon


Personalized Christmas Gnome Pajamas

Make your teenager go to bed in style during the Christmas period. You can even get this for every member of the family so you all can match and get a family picture.


Get it from Etsy



Personalized Christmas Mug

Who wouldn’t want their mug to have their name on it? We bet your teenager will not want to share this with anyone.


Get it from Etsy


Christmas Wine Rex Fleece Sweatshirts

If you want to buy them something they’ll end up wearing everywhere, every time, this is a good pick. Better still, buy this in different colors and they’re good to go! 


Get it from Etsy



Birthday Gifts for Teens

Air Force 1

These classic sneakers in white never go out of style and will go with everything. These will be the sneakers topping their wish list! It’s for nearly every occasion; Ideal for class and stylish enough for their prom, your teen will wear their Airforce everywhere!


Get it from Nike

Apple Watch

If you have a little extra to spend and you want to go all out for your teen, get them a smartwatch. The Apple Watch is like a smartphone, wellness tracker, and music player all in one. They can customize the watch to their taste and preference.


Get it from Apple


Ray Ban Sunglasses

If your teen loves going to the beach, this is the best pick. These lightweight sunglasses are suitable for everyone; male, and female irrespective of their face shape. 


Get it from Amazon

Birthdate Candles

Whether your teenage cousin is a budding astrologer, or she just loves reading her horoscope every day, this personalized gift will warm her heart. Select her birth date, and a scent you know she loves. It’ll also come with info about her sign, as well as her personality.


Get it from Birthdate.

Music amp design mini-fridge

This mini fridge will make your teen the envy of their friends – it’s designed to look like a music amp, adding style to their room decor and it’s also great for storing snacks and drinks for gaming or reading sessions in their bedroom.


Get it from Amazon


Cool Gifts for Teens

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Your music-lover teen will hug you tight when they receive this because it’s the coolest gift ever! This portable and waterproof speaker means they listen to their music and take it everywhere they go—even the shower!


Get it from Amazon

Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Don’t let your teen’s fun moments hide deep in their camera roll; help them print out their memories. If they’re the friend who documents everything; parties, sleepovers, vacations, etc., this instant-print camera will be put to good use.

Get it from Amazon

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones

Does your teen make everyone listen to their “weird” music because they don’t own a headset? This noise-canceling technology is for them; it means they don’t hear you, and you don’t have to listen to their music. It’s a win-win!


Get it from Amazon

Sunset Lamp Projection

Strip lights are cool, sure, but this will be the coolest addition to your teenager’s room. This projection lamp with 16 different colors and three brightness settings doubles as room decor and trippy background lighting for pictures.


Get it from Amazon

Custom Headphone Stand

Personalize this wooden headphone stand with your teen’s name, nickname or a short phrase that matches their personality. This gift is for your gamer, DJ or music lover teen. You can even make this in their favorite color, including glow in the dark.


Get it from Etsy



Valentines Gifts for Teens

Spa Gift Basket

This Spa Gift Basket is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your teen to make the day special. Your gift will leave a lasting impact on your teen as they soon begin to use and enjoy the set. 


Get it from Amazon

Matching Jewelry Set

If you have a little sister that’s a teenager, this is the best valentine’s gift for her. These two heart halves fit together to make a piece, just like you and your little sister do. It may be worn anywhere; school, work, church, etc 


Get it from Amazon


Valentine Bath Bomb

This is perfect as a small gift on Valentine’s Day. Love is the most wonderful thing in the world! This charming pink heart bath bomb that smells divine is adorned with pink and red heart sprinkles for an extra special touch. 


Get it from Etsy

Truffle Kit

If you are looking for a Valentine’s day gift for your chocolate addict teen, consider this truffle-making kit. They’re in for a treat with this easy-to-use kit that allows them to make a box of chocolate truffles at home. 


Get it from Uncommon goods

Personalized Valentine’s Day Mailbox

These mailboxes are adorable and perfect for a teen’s valentines day gift. They can double as card holders for Valentine’s cards to be exchanged at school, or as a gift holder for a special person on Valentine’s Day.


Get it Etsy


Fun Gifts For Teens

Meta Quest 2: Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

If you’ve got a metaverse-obsessed teen, this virtual reality headset is the ultimate fun gift. It’s wireless, has a high resolution, and has a library of 350+ gaming, social, and entertainment options for your teen’s fun times with friends.


Get it from Amazon

Mario Kart Pro Deluxe Steering Wheel

Help your teen experience a whole new way to play racing games on Nintendo with this Mario Kart steering wheel! It can be easily connected to the switch via USB and also comes with optional pedals for a smooth ride.


Get it from Amazon

Magneto Cruiser Longboard

Your adventurous, wannabe skater teen will have a blast cruising down the street on this longboard. It’s important to get them a helmet, too, while you’re at it.


Get it from Amazon

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

The best option for the neighborhood gadabout. This scooter can run speeds of 13 mph and travel up to 10.6 miles on one charge, so they’ll ride it around town for hours.


Get it from Amazon

Nintendo Switch

This is for the teen that loves playing video games for fun. The Nintendo Switch can be enjoyed in the house or on the go, and can also connect up to eight consoles so they can play with friends, too.


Get it from Amazon


Electronic Gifts for Teens

HD Gaming Monitor

Looking to give your game-freak teen the ultimate gift? This HD gaming monitor will secure grins as you take your PC gamer’s play experience to a higher level. Trust them to boast about this gift to friends because the visuals in their game will pop off the screen and the monitor has a high refresh rate which means it can keep up with whatever kind of game; from high-octane battle scenes to speed-demon racing games.

Get it from Amazon

The Revlon one-step hair dryer brush

If your teen is just getting into hairstyling, getting them styling tools is a great idea. What’s not to love about this one-step tool that feels luxurious? Effective, easy-to-use, and designed for daily use and all hairstyles – a styling hero!


Get it from Amazon

Oral B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush

Strict dental hygiene isn’t usually a habit that tops the list of things teenagers care about, this is why a rechargeable toothbrush with a timer is a great gift. This brush breaks up 300% more plaque on the gum line than the traditional toothbrush and we bet they won’t stop smiling with their healthy teeth.


Get it from Amazon

Elago Charging Hub

With this one-stop power shop, your teen can keep their iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch close together and fully charged.


Get it from Amazon

Ring light with Tripod

Whether your teen spends their time making videos for social media or learning online, good lighting is essential for their next vlogging session or virtual e-learning day, it’s also an amazing addition to their selfie sesh. 


Get it from Amazon


Outdoor Gifts for Teens

Blue Speed Racer Boomerang

This easy-to-use boomerang is perfect for your teen for their outdoor playtime. It also comes with a 24-page manual on how to throw a boomerang.


Get it from Amazon

Slammo Game Set

This new game will be a bang for your teen and their friends. It comes with a carrying case so they can take it to their friend’s house or on vacation.


Get it from Amazon

Glow in The Dark Basketball

This is for a budding basketball player. it’ll help them practice more; they’ll enjoy shooting hoops at night because the ball glows in the dark. 


Get it from Amazon 

Portable Inflatable Lounger

Whether your teen loves swimming or camping, this inflatable lounger will always be there to help them float across the pool or lounge at a campground and it’s so easy to use.


Get it from Amazon 

Drone with Camera

Drone time will make your teen so happy that you might find yourself fighting for some yourself!


Get it from Amazon


Disney Gifts for Teens

A big Disney Puzzle

This puzzle has most traditional Disney movies and characters and is a great exercise to unwind and not be glued to their phone and computer for a bit. So, if you want something fun that they can hang on their wall when finished, then this is a great pick. There are other designs to pick from if you don’t want this.


Get it from Amazon

A Fun Disney Baseball Cap

This would be a nice Disney gift for a teenage guy/girl. If you know what Disney movie or character they enjoy the best, then you can check to see if it has a baseball cap available with something like that on it. 


Get it from Amazon

A Colorful AirPods Case

Do they own a pair of AirPods? Then help them protect it from dropping and breaking with this Disney case. There are a lot of Disney cases on amazon, so look around and pick one that represents your teen’s favorite character or movie. 


A Minnie Mouse Makeup Bag

This bag can either be used as a makeup bag or pencil case. Either way, it’s a great Disney gift for teens. There are a lot of other designs as well. 

Get it from Amazon

A Snow White Notebook

A notebook is one of those gifts that you can never go wrong with because every teen needs and uses them for school or other activities. The notebook comes in different designs so you can pick their favorite.


Get it from Amazon



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40 Gifts for Teens