7 Holiday Shopping Ideas For The Family Musician

The holidays are slowly creeping up on everybody; next thing you know, you haven’t bought anything on your holiday shopping list. And you’re cramming again, just like every other year that was. 

That’s why, as early as now, you should be completing your holiday shopping and getting thoughtful gifts for everyone in the family. It doesn’t matter where you buy them; you can go to the store or purchase them online. Today, you might experience a less hectic crowd in physical stores as 43% of shoppers opt to buy their holiday gifts online. 

If you have musicians in the family, getting them gifts could be complicated as you never know what they like. To help you out, here are some holiday shopping suggestions for the musicians in your family:

1. Audio Interface

An audio interface is unique tool musicians use to convert the sound their analog devices create to a format your computer software understands. No wonder technology has caught up with the music industry. And today, everything is fine-tuned using a computer. 

Sure, you can use your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers, but the sound quality it will produce will be poor. A device like the Neve 88M will convert analog to digital and digital to analog to give you the best kind of sound for your music recording. Its portability will allow you to experience sounds similar to those heard at Capitol Studios and Abbey Road. It will give you world-class results in the comfort of your home studio. So, if you’re looking for an item to gift the musician in your family this holiday season, this might just be what you’re looking for.

2. Guitar Amp Emulator

For your brother or any rocking guitarist in the family who loves the sound of the Beatles or wants to emulate the sound of the ’60s in how they play their instrument, gift them this Universal Audio Dream ’65 Reverb Amplifier Pedal. Utilizing this fantastic amplifier pedal will allow them to emulate that era’s unique sound and tone. 

The spring reverb and vibrato heard on more than a hundred classic records of the mid-1960s can be showcased when you play your instrument with the amp emulator. The sound you’ll hear will be authentic, and it’s like you traveled in time and jammed with the best of that decade.

3. State-of-the-art Vocal Microphone

Someone passionate about singing will love you if they receive a sophisticated vocal microphone. An excellent mic for studio recording and performing on stage will be versatile and be the go-to for a concert performer. It will be something they’ll never part with and will be treasured for a long time. 

7 Holiday Shopping Ideas For The Family Musician
(Photo : Holiday Shopping Ideas For The Family Musician)

4. Music Memorabilia

If your musician family member is a fan of a band or any performer, they would love it if they received authentic memorabilia from their favorite artist. It could be a signed photograph, their old musical instrument, or a vinyl music record of their very first album. Scouring the world for these could be daunting, but with the internet’s availability, everything is right at your fingertips.

Many e-commerce sites and digital marketplaces have an extensive list of old memorabilia. You must be diligent in checking for its authenticity because anybody could say that what they’re selling is authentic. So, look out for deceptive sellers and buy authentic ones instead.

5. Gift Card

Many might think that a gift card is a gift that doesn’t require much thought. But really, a gift card is a more prudent choice since you’re allowing the person to buy what they want instead of getting something they might already have. 

Today, gift cards give the receiver more choices and they don’t even have to go to the store physically to use them. For a musician, you can gift them with a gift card from their favorite music streaming site or e-commerce store. 

6. Concert Tickets

Who doesn’t love to receive concert tickets for their favorite performers? Up the ante by gifting them with a concert ticket abroad. This way, they can also experience going to another country to see the sights after the concert. 

Just visit the website of their favorite performers and check the tour dates and locations to know in advance so you can plan for them. You have to ensure that the date will not coincide with another important date in their life. But you have to make sure you have enough budget to gift this to the musician in the family because this can get extra costly, especially if the concert tickets you’ll be gifting are by a well-known musical artist.

7. Vintage Band Shirt

A band shirt could be fundamental, but your musician family member will appreciate this, especially if it’s a limited edition and in a vintage style. It could be something they could wear to a gig or in a photo shoot. It will also boost their pride as a fan to be wearing such a valuable piece. So, consider gifting them one. 


If there’s something that you should’ve learned every year you buy gifts for the holiday season, it’s buying gifts as early as you can, wrapping them, and tucking them away safely. For your musician family members, sophisticated gadgets, like an audio interface and a guitar amp emulator, will be something that will enhance their musicality. It’s a gift they will hold dear in their hearts and which they will appreciate.

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