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    MILWAUKEE (WDJT) — An engagement photo shoot in Wisconsin is taking social media by storm.

That photo shoot has 11,000 likes and thousands of shares on Facebook.

“We met on Tinder like every other person our age these days,” said Andrew Meier.

Meier and his fiancé, Annemarie Ryan, set out to take engagement photos, something that’s pretty common, but they did it with a Wisconsin twist.

“It’s family, Green Bay, Kwik Trip and Culvers,” said Meier.

Trading the normal button downs and flowery dresses, for Culvers and Kwik Trip sweaters, debuting their love for what many would call Wisconsin staples.

Meier goes on to say his fiancé suggested the sweater shoot.

“She’s like let’s do Kwik Trip and Culvers, and I’m like, yeah great idea.

Meier told CBS 58 he and his fiancé had their first date at Culvers, making clear what he already knew.

“We went to Culvers, and after I knew that she loved Culvers I knew that she was the one,” said Meier.

Nathan Lewis, the man behind the viral photo, said a picture like this is worth a thousand words.

“They can look back and feel those same feelings that they had so many years ago but this one is just a little extra special because it’s got a Midwest flavor to it.”

Lewis is co-owner of Nathan and Stephanie Photography based in Kenosha.

Meier said he was not expecting for the social media blow up, but nevertheless, the future husband-to-be, said it makes for a great story to tell future generations.

“Great Wisconsin love story, people out east and west have no idea what Kwik Trip is but that’s fine we need to keep it here, keep it Wisconsin,” said Meier.

Meier and Ryan are set to be married in the fall of 2023.

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