Huawei Qingyun W525 desktop uses Pangu M900 chip

Huawei has finally launched the first new-generation smart office product equipped with the HarmonyOS system – the IdeaHub S2 Series. The company has introduced the ultimate gadget in the recently held 2022 Huawei Smart Collaboration New Product launch conference in association with CCTV News.

The President of Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Domain, Sun Quan elaborates how the new technologies with intelligent mechanisms are changing the work platform for the users. Following the trend, the company has tried to bring some advanced methods that can make the daily office task more convenient for individuals.

And one such method is the Huawei IdeaHub S2 series standing on the HarmonyOS surface. According to the information, this series of smart products comprise 4K professional video conferencing, distributed conferencing, P2P screen projection, smart multi-windows, and parallel horizons.

Let’s understand these devices and their functions, one by one

4K Professional Video Conferencing

Huawei smart office products have attained 4K capability which will serve efficiency in a lot of operations. For instance, acquisition, encoding, transmission, decoding, and display. It completely assures whether video conferences are fully visible and restore the details effectively.

On the flip side, it also supports Huawei Cloud Conference, Huawei Cloud Weblink, Tencent Conference Rooms, and Feishu Conference Room. Consequently, users can directly use these services on the IdeaHub S2 Series.

Huawei Qingyun W525 desktop uses Pangu M900 chip

Distributed Conference

This tech enables small-screen conferences on a large screen. It can seamlessly transfer the meeting from a phone or computer, directly to the IdeaHub gadgets.

P2P Screen Projection

Turn on the Wi-Fi and you can easily cast any media content on the screen. Besides, it supports a Smart Drawing Pen 2.0 that permits writing and display on the frame with smooth effects. While using it, you will feel as if you are writing on paper.

Smart Multi-Window

This function allows the individual to access multiple actions as well as applications at the same time, on different screens. The function works wonders while performing the watching and writing actions.

Parallel Horizons

The thoughtful feature helps in supporting navigation mode, a split-screen display that works on the horizon layers. Alternatively, it supports up to six categories to open sideways. For instance, conference, whiteboard, screen projection, UI, management, and enterprise customization.

Showcasing the benefits of the product to some more extent, Sun Quan conveyed the following message:

“We hope that this efficient way of working can go out of Huawei and let everyone enjoy an intelligent way of working. It is precisely based on this responsibility and mission positioning that Huawei has launched the industry’s first new generation of office products equipped with HarmonyOS. Huawei IdeaHub S2 series. We look forward to working with our partners to create more value for customers, bring the digital world into every workspace, and let everyone enjoy an intelligent way of working.”

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