Police: Limit information on social media on first day of school photo boards

(WWLP) – A social media post from a sheriff’s office in Minnesota has been shared more than 172,000 times that cautions parents on sharing personal information on their children’s first day back-to-school pictures.

The Carver County Sheriff’s Office shared a photo of an officer sharing the first day of school board filled out with her name, grade, teacher, school, favorite subject, favorite activity, and how to change the world. It may look cute and documents the memorable event however, they say “it’s best to keep personal information to a minimum” to avoid being a target for online scammers.

First day of school

  • Name: Kenzie
  • Grade: 19th
  • Teacher: Kamerud
  • School: Sheriff’s Office
  • Favorite subject: Math
  • Favorite activity: Gym
  • How I plan to change the world: Being Nice!

In the photo shared, the sheriff’s office says the personal information shared online about your child can be used by predators and scammers. They caution people not to share this information no matter their privacy settings on social media.

In the corrected photo of sharing example, the sheriff’s office removes the grade, teacher, and school information.

According to the Better Business Bureau, posting your vaccination card on social media can make you the victim of identity theft and “can help scammers create phony versions.”

BBB recommends the following tips to manage online privacy for the family:

  • Read privacy policies together and understand privacy settings. Some sites sell unauthorized user details.
  • Don’t share your location, review the apps on all devices and see which ones are tracking your location. If it’s not needed then disable the feature.
  • Use parental controls if necessary, monitor online activity on web browsers, or use a third-party app. Teach children to manage online privacy.
  • Share with care, and remember, personal information is like money. Sharing online can easily be copied and could impact login information, passwords, banking, and online accounts.