Tommy Lee Posts Fully Nude Photo of Himself on Social Media

UPDATE (Aug. 12, 2022): The day after Tommy Lee‘s nude photo was removed from Instagram, the Motley Crue drummer responded by posting an artistic psychedelic representation of the selfie.

Tommy Lee shocked the internet with a very not-safe-for-work, full-frontal nude photo of himself on social media early Thursday (Aug. 11).

The Motley Crue drummer shared the image on his official profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but it has since been removed from the latter two.

In the selfie that stops at his face, Lee is completely naked, seemingly lounging in a bathroom. With his penis on full display, the rocker captioned the image, “Ooooopppsss,” as the Independent noted.

The pic was gone from Instagram by roughly 8AM ET Thursday. However, it was up for several hours before. It’s unclear whether it was removed by the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform or if the musician deleted it himself — the former is presumed. It was likewise removed from Facebook proper. It continues to be available on Twitter, which allows pornography, unlike Facebook and Instagram.

Before the image disappeared from Instagram, 1.4 million followers had reportedly seen or commented on it, the Independent said. “OH MY GOD,” Lee’s wife, Brittany Furlan, replied on the post. See more reactions to the drummer’s photo below.

Lee followed the post on Instagram and Facebook with a meme of an elephant, perhaps a quippy nod to the earlier pic’s removal. See that below, as well.

The drummer’s penis has been displayed publicly before, such as in the sex tape that served as the basis for this year’s Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy.

Thursday’s nude photo brought up an interesting point in Cosmopolitan. The mag opined of a possible double standard when it asked why Lee got a “free pass” for posting it due to the time it took to come down from Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, “for the past few years, there’s been a steady stream of anecdotes shared by women, especially those who are plus-size or not white, of having their nude images rapidly removed,” Cosmo’s Jennifer Savin wrote.

Motley Crue are now touring the U.S. on their summer “Stadium Tour” with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett. Get tickets here. Lee revealed at the first gig in June that he’d broken his ribs and would perform as much as he could, with a fill-in subbing in for him. However, he played his first full set later that month.

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